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Had my guys use the new deck-con lateral bracket in Lew of the Simpson bracket so we would not have to cut a hole in the existing house band board are one in the finished drywall ceiling causing a costly drywall repair .the new bracket worked great my guys loved them because they only took about 10 minuts apiece we plan on using these new brackets on all are deck jobs in the future.great product we give it five stars .
G.nicholas foreman,patriot sunrooms.


What an awesome product! Wish that was around along time ago when we built our first deck!

AL Maue

Built a few decks, but using Deck-Con, made it the easy install yet!


I own a decking company and this product has proven to be a huge time/ money saver for us... Many municipalities are requiring a ledger attachment inspection and in many cases that would require us to loose a full days work waiting on the city to do the inspection.... That is not necessary w/ this system and it greatly increases productivity! There are a number of other circumstances where this product shines over the competitors, such as finished basements in the home, where the floor joists are not accessible! The install is VERY simple and user friendly.

Bob Mertens / R&R Remodeling