Deck-Con is a new, revolutionary, non-invasive, patent pending 1500 lb deck to house connection that virtually eliminates entering the house with dimensional lumber and house joists parallel to the deck joists. Two (2) 1500 lbs deck to house connections are referenced/required in the international residential code (IRC) 2009,2012,2015. Current 1500 lb deck to house connections require the contractor to enter the house to make the connections. Not with Deck-Con! With Deck-Con’s new revolutionary, non-invasive system there is no need to repair/patch drywall on finished basement ceilings, no need to cut out band joist boards, no need to coordinate with the home owner for house access, no need to fight your way around conduit, electrical wires, HVAC duct, no need to coordinate house access for building official inspection, because Deck-Con is completely installed on the outside of the house! One kit contains everything needed to make the building code minimum of two (2) 1500 lb deck to house connections.*

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